Living plastic free - can it be done?

“Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists”

I try and dodge this thought every time I wrestle shut my bulging recycling bag, strained and distorted with escaped wine bottles and sweet wrappers that I tactically hid in the middle to avoid the eagle eyes of neighbours. Everything in that bag will exist forever, yet was made for single use…it doesn’t make sense. 

Coming to the realisation that every plastic bag I have ever purchased is still out there somewhere, floating around like a tattered jellyfish and strangling dolphins along the way has been painful. Dolphins, I am so sorry for all the ways my ignorance has impacted your watery world. I promise to do better and look after this drier side of our earth with the same harmonious respect you treat our oceans with - hands and flippers in the air united as one!

Last week I decided to set myself the challenge of cutting single use plastic out of my own life for good - and it’s been a lot more time consuming and expensive than I thought.!

Why should it be such hard work to avoid plastic?

I managed 3 days completely plastic free before a painful migraine had me dashing across the road to my local corner shop. My pain relief came wrapped in layers of cellophane, cardboard and inside 3 plastic trays. 

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below on your own experiences with avoiding plastic!

Chloe McfarlandComment